OEM Regulators VS Aftermarket Regulators

If your regulator failed and you ended here looking to buy a new one, we can give you a few hints on how to shop. The first thing you need to know is the difference between an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) regulator and an aftermarket regulator.

OEM Regulators

An OEM regulator is the part that was originally installed on your ride. These parts are always made with good materials and are built to fit in your vehicle. But the lack of options means that if it burned due to system problems or overuse, a brand new one will burn just the same.

Aftermarket Regulators

Aftermarket regulators come in various qualities. Stay away from cheap rip-offs. Another hint that can help you avoid wasting your money in the aftermarket world is looking at the quantity of warranty returns the company has, its return policy, the quality and length of its warranty, and the age of the company. However, once you have put aside the cheap companies, there are still many options left to you. The Mosfet regulators are now in your reach. This option alone is enough to consider the aftermarket regulators as Mosfet regulators can take a much bigger beating and still work perfectly since they generate a lot less heat than the Shunt ones.

See the difference between Shunt and Mosfet regulators.